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Dear Kaushik Basu and Sir Anthony Atkinson : Commission on Global Poverty: Share Your Ideas on Measuring Extreme Poverty

Dear Kaushik Basu and Sir Anthony Atkinson
In the enlightened despotism, the motto is "all for the people but without the people".
Combat and measuring poverty, social inequality and economic exclusion; Solution: Vaccine against corruption OGP London 2013:
I share My Contribution toThe Economy:Vaccine Against Corruption. Rate Bright 51:24/55:32
Kindly I share with you, my effort to study the Economy of the municipalities in Mexico, as an independent researcher; I started since 1985 to boost the empowerment of Preventive Citizen Participation against Corruption.
To achieve this, I am author of a Citizens' Initiative Reform to Article 115 of the Mexican Political Constitution.; to encourage:
1) Transparency in the origin and destination of public resources from the municipalities.
2) Preventive Combating of Corruption from the Municipalities
3) Preventive Empowerment Citizen Participation against Corruption.
Citizens Coalition Municipal Councils, I propose in my initiative to reform Article 115 of the Constitution, would be a social asset Nuevo and the new structural basis to boost real growth of the domestic market and the assessment of the origin and destination of public resources .
I want to make my own little experience in these matters; I respectfully ask that securities the opportunity to be a partner in this effort.
As a Mexican citizen, I propose Preventive Fighting of corruption from the municipalities. I contribute ideas, based on transparency in the origin and destination of public funds: federal, state and municipal; I bring also the ¿How? and viable and concrete solutions.
Citizenship creating new institutions and new social assets. To empower citizens and Open Government that serves the people from the municipalities, which are the core ideas of "Vaccine Against Corruption OGP-London 2013".
I welcome these central ideas may have exposed the front of 1,200 representatives from 62 countries across 5 continents in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom, who recognized as a brilliant idea, "The vaccine against corruption" in the Summit of the Alliance for Open Government Meeting in London, England last October 31, 2013.
Derived from my studies on the economy of the municipalities, which started since 1985, I can say that: corruption is administered in Mexico, (just see the annual reports of the Superior Audit Office and other internal organs of state and municipal control, on the limited audit and losses which are unrecoverable; there is more damage not reported or not reported)
Also, we are for many years, under the rule of a corrupt state and a corrupt market. Which prevents the recovery of confidence in national and international credits, granted to municipal, state and federal governments.
Most unfortunately for Mexico and other countries, it would be or is it ...? that members of various organizations of the Academy and civil society, and international financial institutions, do not listen or do as they hear, without assessing Citizens, or modest public servants, we have something to contribute to rebuild our Mexico or economy of our country belongs to everyone; and therefore they are become validators of legislative and political processes that lead to more of the same.
I share in 2 segments, the central ideas of my citizens' initiative that I mentioned in various local, regional, national and international arenas; I ask you kindly provide me the opportunity to come together to expose it in the broader context of the serious national problems; I reiterate that it is different, to avoid doing more of the same.
Gently, I share my book: "Transparency in the origin and destination of públics resources from municipalities to consolidate democratic governance" was published by Excelsior (national newspaper) in their editions from 15 to 19 October 2001 one Chapter each day; Later Monday January 14, 2002, to eight columns and in Front Page, Excelsior published an interview I did as a result of interest in the themes of my book and its publication in the days cited; with the title: "corruption and complicity in the Public Service: R. Castro" In 2003, March 10, Excelsior published a new interview on the same subjects in which, with my statements lack precise identity of the parties Political reforms are urging for many years in Mexico, as I propose. Unfortunately there were no favorable responses and yes, marginalization and subsequent employment opportunities for participation, urging her to continue.
Awaiting your kind reply and professionally meet, as soon as possible, because of the serious national problem of corruption and the legislative time, I send heartfelt greetings
Reynaldo Castro Melgarejo

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