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The Vaccine Against Corrption OGP London 2013

The Vaccine Against Corrption   OGP London 2013

from Mexico

Welcome to this dedicated effort to deserve your valuable support to achieve the best results and make your citizen collaboration and solidarity in favor of the inhabitants of the towns of Mexico , and New Law actually do my Citizen Initiative Reform of Article 115 of the Constitution to create Citizens Coalition Municipal Councils, which are the foundations of a new institution in society-government relationship, which will be the new Social Assets to boost Preventive Combat Corruption from the Municipalities, Transparency based on the origin and destination of public resources from the municipalities; elements comprising the formula : vaccine Against Corruption .

Given the serious problem that exists in the municipalities of Mexico, I share my efforts since 1985 to boost Preventive Combat Corruption and my recent experience in London, England, UK, at the 2013 Summit of the Open Government Partnership (OGP ) on 30 and 31 October and 1o. November.

In Mexico, as in many countries, with their differences; Is Urgent: Vaccine against corruption that I presented on October 31 at the Summit of the Alliance for Open Government, in London, England, United Kingdom and the Prime Minister of country David Cameron accepted as a brilliant idea, which is formed based on Transparency in the supply and use of public resources and Preventive Fighting corruption from the municipalities, with the Preventive participation of civil society in the Citizens Councils Negotiation Municipal , and to be effective and timely counterweight to corruption of any legislator , leader of any political party and / or officer or ruler of the three branches of government.

On Thursday October 31, at a plenary session of the Summit in London , England , UK, participated as a Mexican citizen , in the plenary session , by stating that I am an independent researcher , perhaps you remember if you were present , otherwise for friendly I share my experience in the London Summit 2013: During the plenary session , where exposed : Francis Maude , Chief of Staff and Minister of Finance ( who invited me ), and Prime Minister David Cameron , and when finished , the second , asked attendees reviews and I participate. I said I am Reynaldo Castro Melgarejo , I come from Papantla , Veracruz Mexico ... In this participation , I proposed to the Plenary Assembly on October 31 , with more than 1,000 attendees representing 61 affiliated countries , on 5 continents , and the Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron : " the vaccine against Corruption" . Kindly , I share those moments and excellent view expressed David Cameron, on my contribution to the economy.

Here is the historical record of my contribution to the economy: I say with great respect to everyone. A Mexico Con Amor and our people , regardless of social strata, partisan or acronyms , from 51:24 to 55:32 minutes , my participation is excellent responses and Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameron. Honestly is excellent, I share very happy , I know I have not accomplished anything , the effort continues and becomes larger and hopefully more Mexicans are convinced of how good it is , to provide " Vaccine Against Corruption " from our dear Mexico , our beloved state of Veracruz and Papantla My Beloved and Bella .

During the plenary session , where exposed : Francis Maude , Chief of Staff and Minister of Finance ( who invited me ), and Prime Minister David Cameron and when I finish , second, they sought opinions and attendees will participate.

There were three moments in my speech.


I said : Hello. My name is Reynaldo Castro Melgarejo, come from Papantla , Veracruz, Mexico and I am an independent researcher, I have worked since 1985 to boost preventive combating corruption ... were no details of the Prime Minister , David Cameron, for lack of a translation.


My name is Reynaldo Castro Melgarejo . I come from Papantla , Veracruz, Mexico . Since 1985 I have worked for Transparency in my country. Impulse preventive fighting corruption from the municipalities. My experience as Municipal Treasurer , led me to commit to Transparency. Corruption makes us much harm in all aspects . I appreciate that you have the broad view that there is no possible molds .

Mexico has serious problems as other countries. I think we're in the country where the economy was invented , where we have seen that there is no invisible hand , and we need to help bring new ideas to be effective support , strengthening our economic systems with transparency and combat preventive corruption , which is: vaccine against corruption. I hope is a result of London 2013.

The 3rd .

 And best of all, was his answer ; very abundantly accepting the value of my ideas , and assuming now stays with my idea of ​​" vaccine against corruption" and use it in their next speeches , the take him to push open government . Surely you can understand better than me, he said , once they hear your comprehensive response.

Also I share the interview published on November 1, 2013 , which made me J.Jaime Hernández , Correspondent of El Universal in Washington, DC United States of America, London :

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