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• How to build more inclusive a Global Economy?

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Besides greet kindly I share some thoughts reflected in this collaboration that requested and sent me for citizen participation at the next meeting of the C-20 group to be held in Australia in the next november 2014.

 Also I share this link:
 http://lavacunacontralacorrupcion.blogspot.mx/2014_02_01_archive.html my  letter to President Enrique Peña Nieto, in which I propose to conduct my  Citizen Initiative Constitutional Amendment to Article 115, to boost  Combat preventive Corruption, Transparency based on the origin and  destination of public resources from the municipalities, empowering the  Company through Citizen Participation properly bounded through the  creation of the Citizens Coalition Municipal Councils. That is, the expression of the Citizen as a preventative and forceful counterweight to possible corruption from the Municipalities Participation, regardless of  party labels.

 Thank you very much for your attention and I hope we can communicate early to comment more fully my contribution to the economy, that David   Cameron seems like a brilliant idea; as it was registered in his speech  at the plenary meeting of the OGP in London 2013:

 In the video of 51:24 to 55:32 in minute:

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 Under the Domain Market Corrupt and Corrupt State are permanent economic  crisis and recovery Cycles have no solid basis for best results.
 Solution: Vaccine Against Corruption OGP London 2013.

 • How to build more inclusive a Global Economy?

 "Let's save our country from corruption before the corrupt end up with resources and opportunities and inclusive dignified life for its  residents; of present and future generations. "RCM

 How to build more inclusive a Global Economy? No this can be achieved if conditions remain the domain of a "Corrupt Market" and "A Corrupt State" Corruption in the public sector and the private sector, threatening to derail global initiatives. Uncertainty in the cycles of economic recovery and financial losses each year informing governments confirmed  In most countries, our global economic system, corruption is administered  alone, it is not fought with a true principle of prevention and zero  tolerance.
The failure of the Agreement against Corruption organized by the UN and  signed by 162 countries in 2003, in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico, is a  benchmark that created the need for the Alliance for Open Government in  2011, before the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 Grave indicator that  this alliance would also fail. Transparency International, founded in  1993, has been a source of annual information, publishing Perceptions  Index Corruption, confirming the dominion of corruption in globalized  countries.
 It has escaped, has been postponed or has been ignored, empowering citizens to fight corruption preventive and citizen participation is focused on issues of access to information when the public appeal has  already been served, without corruption can be avoided or recover the  damage to the public purse. In some countries such as Mexico, means citizen participation in the fight against insecurity, creating the so-called self-defense in several states.
 The organs of internal control in all governments have failed, because they fail to eradicate or reduce it over many years. Only administer lesser or greater degree. With the exception of Denmark and New Zealand are constants.
 This causes financial losses to states, millions and millions of dollars annually without having 100% recovery, because it is pursued with reagents principles and not fought with preventive principles.
 Achieving this goal involves making commitments in all countries on Transparency and Preventive Anticorruption from municipalities or local government.
 We should not ignore the results in 2013, presented by Transparency International:
 "Perceptions Index Corruption shows that all countries still face the threat of corruption at all levels of government, from local to grant permissions to the implementation of rules and regulations," said Huguette Labelle, Chair of Transparency International.
 We have to build new political economic and social basis for establishing the validity of "Vaccine Against Corruption", as I said in London 2013  where OGP said:
 "... I think we're in the country where the economy was invented, where  we have seen that there is no invisible hand, and we have to help bring  new ideas to be effective support, strengthening our economic systems  transparently preventive and combating corruption, which is: Vaccine  Against corruption I Hope is a result of London 2013 "
 That's what I call Vaccine Against Corruption OGP I presented in London 2013 and David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, it looks  like a bright idea. In:

 I bring "The Vision Preventive" Fighting corruption in Mexico (can be used for most countries), because:
 • Strengthens building more inclusive a Global Economy
 • Strengthen our economic systems, to generate greater certainty in a transparent society and government relationship in the origin and destination of public resources from the municipalities.
 • Strengthens the duration of business cycles, from achieving greater certainty in public policy spending, investment and social development.
 • Generates a better international image of Mexico.
 • Increased confidence of local investors, regional, national and overseas to avoid paying tithes or improper commissions for bringing investment growth or social development.
 • Strengthens the reduction of social inequality and promotes financial inclusion of citizens.

 I am Author of Book: Transparency in the origin and destination of public resources from the municipalities to consolidate democratic governance.
 Mexico September 2001: An anti-corruption policy with an emphatic Control Mechanism and Preventive Combat share from municipalities interview with Bertha Alicia Galindo MVS Radio:

 Available UNAM THESIS:

My Citizens' Initiative:

 Offering: Preventive Anticorruption FROM Municipalities. Based on:
 1) Transparency in the supply and use of public resources from the municipalities and
 2) Preventive citizen participation as an effective and timely counter corruption or misuse of public resources by officials of any political party.
 Problems to solve: Two structural problems.
 • 1) In Mexico, the alternation of political power has not worked, endangering democracy. Insecurity and violence are so convincing case, among others, as growth of poverty.
 • 2) Corruption in Mexico is managed. Just look at the historical figures presented property damage each year by the Superior Audit of the  Federation (ASF) and other Internal Control Organs of federal, state and  municipal agencies; because accountability is reactive rather than  preventive. This billions of dollars are lost each year. Employers say the cost of corruption is 10% of GDP and Citizens of Michoacan state that 25% of federal resources go to corruption. Mayors complain of extortion by public resources down federal origin, whose commissions should not
 exist and mention that reach more than 30%, imposing build companies that supposedly works agreed.
 • Impact is Breaking that flawed system handling corruption and does not allow for transparency in the supply and use of public resources from the municipalities.
 • It benefits: Citizens in general and entrepreneurial activity. 1) To empower citizens to be preventive and timely counterweight against corruption and to participate in the discussion of priorities and decision making in the use of public resources of federal, state and municipal sources;
 • and 2) employers, given certain that, for their investments do not pay commissions or undue officials and public and private investment benefits, will have a greater multiplier effect to benefit the growth of the domestic market, which will result favorably in economic and human and social development of the population in the municipalities.
 I value that deserves to be presented because it is a contribution to the economy that strengthens our economic systems as I said in London, no “invisible hand” to correct the serious imbalances that are causing major problems for governance in all countries; that my contribution will help to achieve better results in combating preventively existing conditions to have "Market Corrupt" and "Corrupt State".
 Preventive Fighting corruption should be based on the transparency in the  supply and use of public resources from the municipalities.
 Why? because the trust of citizens in their government, is broken.
 I agree to a lesser extent in some countries that have weathered the crisis; but none is saved. A crisis of confidence that society against the government, the overall impact of espionage from the government of the United States adds, conflicts where corruption in Ukraine Yanukovych, the president who put Ukraine into a civil war, is the source of serious regional problems; causing no credible answers questions for citizens of countries across 5 continents.
 No small feat, that Alan Greenspan in his new book, "The Map and the Territory: Risk, human nature and the future of forecasting", recognizes the serious errors, lack of review and control for believing that the conduct the ambitious economic market actors would be rational and proved  most irrational; financial imbalances and bank failures and financial causes of corruption, force us to think and rethink, if economic theory  many thinkers native UK and other countries, can be sustained with the  current basis of the invisible hand or supposed rationality of economic  agents.
 Inevitably assume that we are forced to think and bring new ideas for reorienting the functionality of the economy of the countries in crisis and emerging that are bursting their internal crises in economic, political and social, and others who have not able to leave them.
 No time will be lost if tolerance, prudence and care, listen to everyone,  to meet and discuss new ideas, proposals or initiatives that serve to  reinforce existing or build new bases of the economy.
The interactive action between society and government, should be a foundation to build a transparent state in every country in every  continent; we must accept that it is no longer possible since the government of any ideological stripe, inefficient state-supported opaque corrupt governments, corrupt also; in collusion with businessmen who prefer the discretion of officials to achieve their business profits and high pay low taxes.
 Tax evasion, corruption, complicity, impunity, discretion, inefficiency must be expelled serious management of public resources forever.
 Social justice can not be achieved if the economy and the government of a country are based on systems of corruption show that the state of each country, as a great institution, is atrophied because it guarantees the integrity of life and property of its citizens, residents and tourists in   transit or for reasons of migration.
Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Malthus and among other classic and modern as John Maynard Keynes, also believed in the ethics of economic agents of the company and the government; and today, no doubt as Alan Greenspan, recognize their mistakes to believe in their supposed values ​​as entrepreneurs and leaders that always would want the common good for each country to achieve its development. ¡What a great hoax!
 For many years also, other economic thinkers, brought more ideas to sustain the status quo, without breaking the paradigms of misappropriation of public wealth, illegal profits or unjust profits.
 Current reality and cyclical crises for many years opacity in government and the financial and commercial enterprises; besides causing damage to the health of society in general, as fast, tobacco, food contaminants of the environment, among many others, confirm the presence and dominion of corruption in many minds that supposedly contributed ideas to improve
 cycle or economic impacts.
 Years and years of draconian measures from national or international financial organizations, while secretly, percentages, fees and profits by hiring improper loans tied were generated. Countries into public borrowings national, state and local governments, are a serious risk to  the economy of the countries in general: just as an example, recall the bankruptcy of municipalities or cities like Chicago and Detroit, the United States of America; in the state of California; in Mexico for these  reasons risks are growing and threatening the national economy; one will pretend to deny or incomplete explanations, it really is overwhelming; as it has been in Greece, Portugal, Italy; in Ireland a few years ago in serious crises with massive corruption; Today with new positive
expectations, which have to do with transparency and citizen participation. The worst that can happen is that Ireland assume it is advised by economists who failed in their professional or public
 liability in other countries.
 Some of these thinkers economic assumptions were also allegedly omitted, other supposedly naive, but everyone in the game of profit and personal gain or for political or economic group that made them powerful, regardless of their damage to the same capacity of its nations playing a
 transparent economic system, Open Government or an alliance with society to truly steward in his human, political, economic and social development and people develop their potential economic capacity to provide and participate in globalization.
 During these years of supposed rationality in economic decisions of its actors, public officials, legislators, governors; agents of economic or financial market in commercial treaties, has shown that corruption has never ceased to be present and dominant in their minds and ambitions.
 Today, you can not allow that. Public resources in money, natural, material and human, should not be reason for the corruption of these irrational that history records as corrupt, to which the decisions of corrupt rulers or leaders rentier political and economic benefits from the political parties or leaders social.
 Let's save our country from corruption before the corrupt finish them and the possibilities of life of its inhabitants worthy of present and future generations.
 So I propose: Preventive fighting corruption from the municipalities, based on transparency in the supply and use of public resources from the municipalities.
 It is a must for economists, thinkers, politicians, governors, legislators, judges and citizens, not to forget or deny that everyone is entitled to, and responsibility for, knowing from the beginning of each year an annual budget from public funds is exercised: the origin and destination of public resources of federal, state and municipal levels, which are spent on improving living conditions, health, education, housing, public works and social welfare, in our cities, counties, cantons, colonies, villages or municipalities.
 In an objective and serious analysis, it is clear that the reality of corruption in Mexico, beyond all control mechanisms or combat, be reactive and not preventive. Similarly, new ideas to combat the different proposals or initiatives submitted, regardless of political parties that developed, excluded, or not give real value to Citizen Participation in Combating Corruption Preventively.
Leaving citizens having to pay the cost of corruption FROM Municipalities.

In my Citizen Initiative: "The Preventive Anticorruption FROM Municipalities" I promote since 1985, If I propose the empowerment of citizens, with the formation of: The Citizens Coalition Municipal Councils, to be citizens or society : a PREVENTIVE and CASH COUNTER AGAINST CORRUPTION or diversion in the use of public resources, which we citizens and authorities to realize, to avoid depletion of public resources in corruption and in favor of corrupt officials of any
 political party.
 Shipping 2 songs of mine and a newspaper interview:

 • Collaboration in the OGP page: "The name of the game is: Preventive
 Combat Corruption":

 Interview I did in London J. Jaime Hernández, correspondent of El Universal in Washington:

In this paper hopes to continue to make common cause and achieve better  results to share new ideas that allow us to achieve different and better results and stop doing business as usual, with mediocre results.

 I send warm greetings.

 Reynaldo Castro Melgarejo